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Revolt Stand-On Lawn Mower
  • Featuring:
  • Engine Options: Kawasaki & Vanguard
  • Available Deck Sizes: 36", 48", 54" & 61"
  • 3/16˝or 7-Gauge All Steel, Formed and Welded Deck with Reinforced Edges
  • Curved I-Beam Front Rail
  • Quick Access Panel for Drive and Belt Maintenance
  • Dual Hydro-Gear Performance Integrated Drive Systems
  • 3/8˝ Steel Front Forks and 3 1/2˝ Trail for Smooth Directional Change
  • Improved Variable Deck Lift Adjustment
  • Removable Quick Access Panel for Maintaining Battery, Control Arm and Hydro-Tanks
  • Adjustable Rubber Suspension Riding Platform
  • PEER, Maintenance-Free Spindles
  • Three-Position Speed Control
  • Electric PTO
  • Ergonomic Thigh Pad
  • No-Flat Front Tires
  • Striping Kit

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Revolt Commercial Stand-On Lawn Mower

Revolt Stand-On Lawn Mower Specs

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Revolt Stand-On Engine Options

36" - 726cc, 22hp Air-Cooled FX691V
48" - 726cc, 23.5hp Air-Cooled FX730V
54"/61" - 852cc, 27hp Air-Cooled FX850V
54"/61" - 822cc, 31hp Air-Cooled FX781V EVO EFI
54"/61" - 810cc, 28hp Air-Cooled EFI

Revolt Stand-On Dimensions

Cutting Widths
36" - 805 lbs. | 48" - 930 lbs. | 54" - 980 lbs. | 61" - 1,040 lbs.
Height / Length
Chute Up / Chute Down Width
36" - 38.5"/50.5" | 48" - 50.5"/62.5" | 54" - 56.5"/68.5" | 61" - 63.5"/75.5"

Revolt Stand-On Features

36" - 3100 Hydro-Gear® 10cc Integrated Transaxle
48"/54"/61" - 3400 Hydro-Gear® 12cc Integrated Transaxle
Deck Thickness
3/16" or 7-Gauge Thick Solid Steel
Cutting Height
2" - 5" with Deck Height Control System
Lift & Height Adjustment
Manual Lift
Rear Tires / Front Tires
36" - 21x7-10 Reaper® / 13x6.5-6 Smooth
48"/54" - 23x9-12 Reaper® / 13x6.5-6 Smooth
61" - 23x11-12 Reaper® / 13x6.5-6 Smooth
6.5 Gallons, Unleaded Gasoline
Ground Speed (Forward)
Up To 9 mph
Ride With Ease

Ride With Ease

The Revolt's shorter frame and curved I-Beam front fork give you a lower center of gravity for maximum maneuverability and visibility. No other stand-on mower can compete with this unbelievably smooth ride.

Control is in Your Hands

Control is in Your Hands

The one-touch hand operated height of cut control makes on-the-fly adjustments easy. You can quickly switch between the position speeds for smoother operation in the tightest of spaces.

Don't Fear the Reaper

Don't Fear the Reaper®

The 23˝ Reaper® tread pattern 7 rear tire provides better hillside traction and stability. It's a legendary tire that gives you the edge you need to get the job done.

Build Your Bad Boy

Configure your own Revolt Stand-On with custom options and accessories.

Design Mower
Build Your Bad Boy Revolt Stand-On Commercial Mower
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The Revolt
Proud to be American Made

The Revolt Stand-On Zero-Turn Mower is made in America at our Batesville, Arkansas headquarters. And this Bad Boy is engineered for improved performance and usability in every way. It sports a shorter frame and curved I-Beam front fork support, which offers greater visibility, plus larger rear tires and no-flat front tires for more stability and traction. The compact design can get you into even tighter spaces, thanks to smaller 36˝ or 48˝ deck cutting widths. Plus Revolt boasts a lower center of gravity, making it one of the most maneuverable and balanced stand-on mowers you can buy. It even comes with a striping kit.

Proud to be American Made
Innovative Comfort

Who says stand-on mowers can't be comfortable? Revolt starts with a patented, adjustable rubber suspension riding platform, which absorbs vibrations normally passed along to the rider's knees and joints. Then we add a soft, ergonomic thigh pad that accommodates operators of all heights. This combination results in less fatigue and provides all day mowing comfort.

The thigh pad also flips up, giving you easy access to the battery, control arms and hydro tanks.Revolt also features a quick-access panel so you can reach the deck and drive belts with ease. Only Bad Boy could make routine maintenance this comfortable.

Innovative Comfort
Built Tough to Last Long

If strength and durability are what you're after, step up to the Revolt Stand-On Zero-Turn Mower. A heavy-gauge, all-steel, all-welded and fabricated 1.5˝ x 3˝ frame rail provides the backbone for years of durable service. Plus it comes with a replaceable front end to absorb impact. Revolt features 3/8˝ steel front forks and 3 1/2˝ trail for smooth directional changes. Even the deck is strong. It's the heaviest deck in its class. It's 7-gauge steel with reinforced 3/8˝ sides and a deeper 5.5” shell for maximum discharge, airflow and cut quality. Patented Dual Deck Support Isolators, paired with deck wear pads, minimize damage from any side impact. That's strength that can stand up to anything.

Built Tough to Last Long
Self-Contained Power

The Bad Boy Revolt is driven by Dual High-Performance Hydro-Gear Integrated Drive Systems and commercial-rated hydraulics with a heavier 1.125” shaft. A three-position speed control provides smoother operation in the tightest of spaces. As for innovative features, you'll love the new variable deck lift adjustment. Now you can change the height of cut with just one touch, giving you the power to make on-the-fly adjustments quickly and easily. Revolt. Powerful performance in a smaller package.

Self-Contained Power
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